Listen Up

I had a bit of birthday money and God knew it. 

At Wally, I saw a pair of headphones marked down from $19 to $10, and I bought them.  I sleep and have my computer in the “family room” in the basement, which is really my father’s den.  That means I have to be quiet here, and while my computer is hooked up to a reciever & speakers, I really can’t use it.

But the headphones, though, well, when I put on Latin ala Lee, and Peggy sings her showtunes with that 60’s mambo beat, well, I can almost imagine I am dancing at the Tropicana.  Almost

Then had a deal on a SanDisk Digital Audio Player, 512 Mb for $25.  I love the Memorex my sister got me, but with cheap software and a Sigmatel 3440 chipset it doesn’t pause and resume.  I get interrupted a lot, you see, to service the parents, and without that, it’s frustrating.

The SanDisk is based on the upgraded Sigmatel chipset, but has nicely customized software — everything from file selection to FM radio is pretty easy to get to. 

Soon, I was in the world of Harry Flashman as he moved through the Punjab rebellion, and that was more fun than being here.

Ben’s Bargains had a link to an MP4 player based on a Samsung chipset with 1Gb of memory, rechargable lithium battery, and a color screen that can be used to play video for only $40 plus shipping.  I sent the link to my sister, and she thought it would be a find birthday present.

It came fast, and although it has a very Asian asthetic — bright color & cartoony screens — it does what it says.  Not much good for movies because the screen is square, but TV shows are OK.  It’s nice, fun and looks like a StarTrek communicator, perforated grilles and all.  I am still looking for the button that will beam me outta here, but I suspect that’s on the firmware update I cannot find.

I am an auditory person.  This last week I have been again amazed at how I can be sucked into a different world by voices and music, and it has been a bit of a respite, though coming back to here is challenging — mouth infections, my father feeling down and wanting to stop his blood pressure medicine and more.

But if I can hear another world, well, whatever gets you though the day, eh?