About Him

“I don’t think your father is feeling very well,” my mother says to me.

“Yes, I noticed,” I reply.  “That’s why I had him sit while I pushed you though the mall.

“But after 55 years with you, he knows that if he shares his feelings you will respond as if they are all about you, so he has learned to be, in his words, stoic, and I can’t get him to actually tell me how he feels.

“It would be much easier to help him if he learned how to open up rather than be affirmmed in shutting down, but hell, too late now.”

One thought on “About Him”

  1. Yes, I am my father’s child, trained in stoic service to the queen, trained in denial as duty.

    And, for the record, he says he overdid the thyroxine and kicked himself up a bit high, and that’s the only problem.  Since he credits the thyroxine for knocking down his PSA on four separate occasions over about 20 years, it’s understandable.

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