One of the most disconcerting things you can do on a trans list frequented by crossdressers and nouveau transsexuals is to act like a woman.

Someone, usually with a name like Candi or Emerald, is bound to get crazy over too many talky posts hashing out issues and end up saying “Get to the point, goddamnit!  We don’t need all this blather!”

And if you respond with that ironic woman chat that lets a wife say “Oh, honey, you are such a good driver!” in a way that elicits a chuckle from her girlfriend in the back seat, well, then things really get crazy.

For people trained men in head-on conflict, woman power is pretty baffling and even more frustrating.  And since they assume everyone on the list is like them, a man-in-a-dress, well, they can just cut out all that phoney crap.

It’s always interesting to hear the reasoning behind men who want to date shemales.  Some say that they like women’s bodies but hate all that emotional crap, and want someone who looks like a woman but who thinks like a man.  After all, wouldn’t anyone with a penis wanna fuck like they do?

Now, very few people born male who want to go to all the trouble of having their body femaled do it because they think like a man.  But for cash, they are willing to play a role for a while, the beautiful breasted fuck guy of men’s porn-driven fantasies.  After all, they gotta pay for their life somehow.

I have found that people who say that there is no difference between men and women are almost invariably men.  They have never been “other,” having to live in a world where they both have to manage mainstream and connect with others like themselves.  Women may baflle men, but women know they have to manage men, the ones they are in relationship with, be they sons, husbands, lovers or bosses.    

I know I used to frustrate partners because the standard men management methods never worked on me; instead, I understood the tricks and deflated the power.  “You are emotionally uncastratable!” one woman said to me, in frustration.  Yeah, if you don’t think your power is in your balls, if they don’t feel like the center of you, that happens.

But these guys in transspace, who can’t imagine how anyone born female can be a woman, let alone anyone born male, well, they get cranky as heck when women talk gets in the way of their laser beam jawboning, and work to make the place back into a lockerroom as soon as possible.

Too bad they don’t have any incentive to be nice to us.