True Trannies

The holy grail for many, many trannies has been to find a differential diagnosis that quickly reveals the difference between true trannies, the real people born tranny, and the dilletantes who just play at trans.

The goal of each of these techniques is always to separate the true from the false, the good from the bad, the blessed from the evil, the holy from the unholy, even if they are couched in some milder purpose, such as finding language to explain differences so trannys will be easier to understand.

A term is a benign word that we like, a tool to express our position and point of view. A label is a invasive word that we don’t like, a weapon to diminish us by cutting us from the pack. And the difference between terms and labels is simply that, how we like the words being applied to us. If we would use it for ourselves, we consider it terminology that benefits understanding, but if we feel it erases us, assigning something false, we consider it labeling that simply is out to dismiss.

Whose ideas need to be considered and respected in our model of what trans is, and who can be dismissed as off the mark, over the edge, not really real?

I thought it would be interesting to recap some of the tests I have heard over the years to determine who is a true tranny

  • A true tranny has had genital reconstruction surgery (GRS).
  • A true tranny always hated their birth genitals, never using them for pleasure
  • A true tranny was never successful in their assigned gender
  • A true tranny has no fetishes.
  • A true tranny tucks.
  • A true tranny has no choice in needing GRS.
  • A true tranny refuses to buy into the binary.
  • A true tranny assimilates and passes as soon as their birth defect is healed.
  • A true tranny never allows their trans nature to be visible.
  • A true tranny never goes out for sex.
  • A true tranny puts on their wig first when dressing.
  • A true tranny is suffering.
  • A true tranny rejects manhood.
  • A true tranny has been raped.
  • A true tranny treats his wife like a queen.

I’m sure I have missed many of these assertions, so feel free to share what you have heard.

But they all come down to one thing: a true tranny is like me, and a false tranny, like them, can be dismissed as flawed, as fatuous, as fake.

Every time I hear some start a differential diagnosis, I leave the room. We need language, terms, yes, but labels, well, they tend to be used for less than virtuous reasons, to dissmiss & defile, assigning motives to choices and then dismissing those motives as less than virtuous, less than pure, less than real.

I believe that every bit of trans expression is an attempt to tell a truth, to reveal something that is within us, even if that truth makes us ambiguous, makes us messy, or that truth is something we feel the obligation to deny even as we are expressing it.

I also believe what we work so hard to deny in others are things that we feel a need to deny in ourselves. Our denial is virtuous, so their indulgence must be the opposite of virtuous. This is certianly what has been discovered in deeply homophobic men, that they are more responsive to homoerotic stimuli than average men.

When we need to deny, we need to destroy, and justifying that external destruction as we justify our internal destruction, breaking anything that isn’t authentic or virtuous, well, that just seems to make sense.

You know the final trans surgery, right? It’s when we pull the stick out of our own ass, when we let go and embracee ourselves as our creator made us. It’s not until we can do that that we can embrace others as God made them, messy, ambiguous and human.

And that beautiful ambiguity? Well, to me, that’s what’s true.

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