Happy Drag Mother’s Day

To all those who helped others find their own voice, shape their own expression and embrace their own beauty, Happy Drag Mother's Day.

That second adolesence is so often a killer, and we need help.  But we understand the value and sacrifice of our own mothers, understand that we may growup like them, our drag mothers often seem of less value, easier to fight with than respect.

Of course, if we don't respect those who came before, who fought the fights, who helped and grew, well, then we have an awfully hard trime respecting ourselves as we come into that role.  The queer community often thinks it is just a place for the young, even if young is a newly out tranny with a chronological age of 55.  Until we understand that aging, assimilating and maturing has value as we stay queer, we can't value our own aging, assimilating, maturing and taking the role of the parent in culture as part of our queer path.  

Maybe it's true that queers who come out while they are still true adolescents understand this, but in the trans communities, there aren't a lot of them who still stay out.

And while I honor those drag mothers who help in the emergence of others, let me also remember all those queers who end up in the role of caretakers, parenting the parents as they age.  That move back into diapers is often a hard slide for those who have had a mature and full life, and they can fight the changes in their life as hard as any pre-teen.  But someone needs to care for them, honoring their dignity and power even as that power is harder for them to master.

To all you who have helped queer emerge into beauty, and all who have helped family and adopted family find comfort & peace as they look towards another transition, well, Happy Drag Mother's Day.

I'm sorry I can't buy you all an orchid corsage, but I do know that each and every one of you deserves a beautiful flower to wear on the outside, too.