I Smell Tragedy

The Drama Queens performed a decade ago in Portland Oregon at the IFGE conference.  We did sketches on a 2 foot by 2 foot platform, and TBB & I are not small people.

After the show, a woman born female came up and said that she was watching me on the platform in heels, hoping I wouldn't fall off.  I didn't, which she obviously thought was remarkable.

I knew what she was seeing.  She was just identifying with another woman, a femme, who, wearing heels, had to dance around someone and not fall off the stage.  It was a skill, a talent, something remarkable.

I was talking about my life to TBB the other night and she said "I smell tragedy." 

I understood.  If you think it's hard for me to stay stable and grounded in a tiny space wearing heels, imagine how it is when I have to wear clodhopping heavy boots. 

Eventually, you just fall off.

2 thoughts on “I Smell Tragedy”

  1. Some tragedies are much worse than others. Fall off your shoes–just get up. Actually, that is a wonderful life lesson. Fall down anywhere, snatch yourself up and get moving.



  2. I guess it should never amaze me anymore when people don't get the context of what I am saying and just try to offer a response to the surface.

    Fall down, get up, learn a lesson. Yes, of course.

    And the lesson here is that sometimes, even if you know it's about the lesson, know that persistance & resilance is at the heart of living a human life, sometimes you just don't get up.

    And, just to be explicit, I wasn't writing about shoes.

    (BTW, I wrote to thank Shirley, whose blog is very much about her Christian beliefs, for supporting transgender.  She never responded.)

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