See Me Gyno Philia

What if the sexy part of autogynephila, the really really sexy part, isn’t the body transformation that Blanchard and others say is the heart, but rather is the idea that somebody else sees the woman, the feminine in you, and then works to make that visible to everyone?

What if it’s not about a solitary fetish fantasy, but rather a fantasy about being really seen by someone, and that powerful revelation makes you become real, the The Velveteen Rabbit or Pinochio?

God, the hottest thing most women can think of is a lover who sees them as brilliant, beautiful and hot, and under whose touch all of those potent aspects come to the surface, visible and intense.

“Of course you are a stunning, glamourous, sexy woman!  I can see that perfectly clearly.  Now lets polish you up so that beauty glows in the lamplight and in the sunlight!”

For someone who feels that every glance strips them of their inner beauty and casts them back in a world of expectation & judgement, how could that not be hot?