Pretty Bang

I know, this is going to sound cockamamie, but I think some women keep their distance from me because they think I am too pretty.   Not most women, mind you, but some women.

Yeah.  I mean, here I am a big slab of male flesh, and they get uncomfortable.  Maybe I’m just reading it wrong.

But I do know that one of the standard comments to crossdressers from women is “You have better _____ than I do!”  Even on NewsRadio, Lisa was peeved when Dave wore one of her dresses to the Halloween party because she “had never figured out how to make it work.”   Women can look at one bit or another and miss the big picture, responding only to what triggers their own fears of not being pretty enough.

Helena Rubenstein once said “There are no ugly women, only lazy ones.”  Trannys know that well.  We can’t just throw on jeans and a top and look nice, never have been able to.  We have to learn the tricks, the techniques, the things Cynthia Nixon said she learned in “beauty boot camp” while playing the magical Miranda on Sex And The City.

Some women, though, have decided that they are not pretty, and they never will be.  So anyone who works at pretty feels like they are someone who is challenging, and when that is someone born male, it’s double challenging.

Here I am, struggling, never having the feedback, working hard, and I have to push though their own resistance to their beauty, their own fears.

One more.