To Sarah

I know, Sarah (Sara?). 

I know that you want to fit in, to be normal, to be acceptable rather than challenging.

But you and I both know that you will never be anything less than tall, elegant & beautiful, your eyes shining with a sharp intelligence.

Trust me when I tell you that like a beautiful fawn, you will grow into your power.  You aren’t like the cute girls who peak early, rather your maturitity will make you even more attractive and compelling.

I have no idea if you will ever read this post.  In fact, I suspect you won’t — you have some time to go before you can hear what I am saying, even if you already suspect that it is true.  You are young and that’s good — enjoy it.  You can even enjoy going to drag shows where you don’t feel like the tallest and oddest girl in the room. 

But wherever and whenever you are, never stop wearing those heels.  You can’t hide, and that slouching does nothing but hurt you. You feel good, femme and empowered in heels, so wear them.  Trust them, and trust the way you feel about them, even if the fear that they might be a barrier creeps in now and then.

Sarah, stand tall and never be ashamed of the gifts your creator gave you.  You will never be just one of the normies, no matter who you love or how much you hide.

I know what it feels like to be a too-person — too tall, too different looking, too smart, too insightful, too sharp,  too present, too visible.  I saw you and something or someone told me to tell you not to fear that power you have, but rather to trust it.

Trust your own grace, Sarah.  It is potent and very, very beautiful.

(If your name isn’t Sarah, and you are doubting your own desire to stand tall and shine proud, well, then just change the name and know that I am talking to you.) 


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