For One Moment There. . .

For a moment there,

after I put on my new black v-neck t-shirt, black corduroy skirt with the slit, black heeled boots, black velvet shirt and valentine red tights,

after I put on my makeup, which the one female chef on them Food Network chocolate competition said was her big leg up over the men

after I drove to Troy and couldn’t find the Sanctuary For Independant Media,

after I got gas at the Cumberland Farms and no one looked at me crosseyed,

after I listened to Michael Fienstein sing and thought about being in a great nightspot in a great dress with someone who liked me,

after I talked to OurPalVal and she told me not only the schedule for her dry run and needle biopsy of the breast scheduled this week,

after Val told me her mother said that she and her pal had done something wild in Florida, but when she pulled down her pants to show Val the mouse tatoo and it was invisible, and she said that her pussy must have eaten it, and Val and I talked of the power of play,

after I spoke to my sister and she laughed when I told her where her Valentines gift was hidden, and she said she wanted me to feel as loveable as I wanted her to feel,

after my mother told me she sat in the chair in the museum store in Little Rock where Bill likes to sit when he visits, after she told me how she cried remembering how good things were in that presidency,

after I almost finished the bottle of cheap Almaden Pinio Grigio/Chardonnay I bought for Christmas but we didn’t drink,


before I looked down and realized those man hands belonged to me,

before I dropped my English Muffins topped with cheese and diced “Pasta Ready” tomatoes that were at least 7 years old on the filthy stairs covered with cheap builders berber that has gone black,

before I stripped off my tomato-spotted clothes to go in the washer

before I saw myself wigless & silly in the mirror

before I got all tough and cleaned up the mess with a rag and a bucket of soapy water,

for one moment there,

just for one moment there between,

I almost felt



Happy Valentines Day, eh?