Even More

On Friday, my mother got her diagnosis of degnerative joint disease of the spine, with one disc already hernieated.

We don’t know what this means other than what her doctor said: “really bad, really bad.”

Her appointment with the orthopedist is after she comes back from her Winter Jaunt.

But it looks to be a trying year.  For her, and for me.

Last night, as her New Year benediction to me, she said “I love you, and if I knew what to do to help you, I would.”  I told my sister that and she said “Well, choosing to not know what she knows is at the heart of her defenses.”  If she knew what to do, she would have to do it, so it’s just easier not knowing.

I told my father that there were some of the $1 Christmas bulbs in the garage that might be good gifts, and noted that Bernice hadn’t decided to give away any of the paperwhite narcissus bulbs she had chosen.  “She’s narcicistic, that’s why!” he guffawed.

Beasts of burden are beasts of burden, you know, even if they have fallen off the edge of the grid.

Happy New Year to you, too.

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