You Know

You know.

I know that you know, but you don’t want to know.

If you knew that you knew, you’d have to change your life.  As it is, you can barely squeeze all you want to know into to the life that you are living, so adding any more knowledge would just blow out the side of the bag and make a big mess.

But still, you know.  You’ve always known, but you hoped if you just focused on what you’d like to know all the other stuff you know would somehow go away, or at least get lost.

Problem is that once you know, you know, and nothing makes that go away.  It’s true and real and that’s why it stays. 

But you know that, even though you wish you didn’t.

You know.  And just knowing is tough enough, so if everyone doesn’t just shut up about it, well, you swear you will just scream.  Sure, sure, yeah right, okay, okay, you know, you know, enough already.

Why won’t they just keep it quiet, just leave you alone, just let you be comfortable, just shut up?  After all, they know, you know, we know, why should we talk about it, make a big deal out of it, waste time on it? Knowing is just knowing, and it doesn’t mean anything.

But you know.  And you know they know.  And trying to make it not knowing doesn’t make it dissapear.

You know.  You have always known.

Isn’t it important that knowing what you know means something?

It’s when our knowing is alligned with our life rather than being out of phase with it that our knowing empowers us rather than just pains us.

You know?

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