No Reality

Today, Dr Phil told a woman who was romanced by a con man that there was no reality, only perception, and she had to change her perceptions.

He’s right, of course.  Perception is the only way we have to change the world, to change the context and the interpretation of the facts to be empowering (or at least past.)

But the part about there being no reality, well, I think that’s a bit off.  There seems to be some kind of shared perception that can be passed off as real.  It’s really raining, and I really do owe a lot of money to people.  Even if Michael Jackson’s perception is that he is white, well, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some kind of reality that points to him being black.

I mean, I keep getting reminded about my eighth of a tonne male body, and that seems to be real, no matter how much changin my perception can change my reality.

Perception changes, story changes are the only small power we have to change our life.

But that don’t mean there is no reality.