because you listen

you said that it would be an interesting story
to tell how it isn’t one crashing event
where god reveals herself to you
but in thousands of little bangs
which each take a tiny bite of your flesh
eroding the external away
and revealing essence

but the point is this:

campbell said that one thing that made joyce so brilliant
was that he saw everything as symbol.

or as the talking inanimate animals in “wonderfalls”
say to jaye when she asks why they talk to her
“because you listen.”

those thousands of little explosions
happen to everyone everyday
it’s just that most people
don’t see the symbol
or read it oddly.

we all have god in our lives
but she appears only
to those
who open their eyes to her.

oh well.

read between the lines.
that’s where we hide the truth
between the lies.

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