Trusting Niagra

“let’s go to that spiritual place
where we still small voice

“a place of peace and serenity
where nothing challenges us
where we can feel the quiet dignity
of the earth

“a place where all voices are stilled
and the most oppressed among us
can speak their truths in a whisper
where we know that the loud roar of society
is what erases the true nature of a god
who is as quiet as the dew drop on the morning grass.”

NO!  NO!  NO!

My God is not Just the God of breezes
but the god of storms
pounding surf and crashing waves
cracking thunder and brilliant flashes of lightning
a God who contains the power of Niagara
in every moment
a God who placed the potential of the atomic bomb
in every cell.
e=mc squared indeed!

Intense passion
awesome power
surging in my soul
when god speaks though me
she does so with sharp humor
and thoughtful rants

church of unity pastor
not a preacher, just a teacher
cause a preacher can be confused with a creature
like a teacher can’t?
Aren’t you glad I’m not gonna preach?
No indeed! 
I want to feel the power of the lord though you
feel the energy, the sizzle
of her brilliance
slicing though rationalizations
to show connection

How do we break though the noise
of a society?
By shutting it out
or by focusing intently
on one thing at a time
until we can see it?

When energy is focused
by the creator
it breaks though the banal
and rivets us to it
revealing the power manifest.

I sit in my car at the seawall
darkling sky and crashing surf
or soaked by rain on a hilltop
thunder swirling
and I am awed by the presence
of God.

Can I feel the same awe
when god bubbles though me
intense and brilliant
and blows her way
into the consciousness of
a world of flesh?

or do we surrender
to the human urge
to silence the voices of god
so ours can be dominant
without the work
of feeling god act though us?

fear of passion
fear of Eros
fear of power
gods power surging though us
burning away the smallness
which keeps us tied
to social fears

not just the god of dewdrops
but the goddess of Niagara
who lives in my soul.

In a room with four mirrored walls —
physical, emotional, mental and spiritual —
you can easily look in one mirror
look in two if you try,
and possibly look in three
but you can never see yourself in all four.
You have to spin around, change your focus
or better, have a friend
who can watch your back
reflecting what they see,
and help you grow.
    Callan Williams