A Tale Off Jennifer

A Tale Off Jennifer 

May, 11, 1995
(With Apologies to Melodie Warner)
Strike the gong! Ring the bells! 
I sing a song of Jennifer Wells 
She flies away very soon 
to have her cock turned into poon. 
Jennifer finally has enough cash 
To get a brand-new lovely gash! 

Never a boy, but learned to be a man 
She tried the very best she can 
To fill the wingtips of a father 
when she was always really a mother. 

Her journey, it was long, 
but soon, not her dong, 
Jennifer will be remade, 
with a sharp surgeon's blade. 
A new vagina 
(Don't be a whiner!), 
Ballsy slice of sculpted perfection 
that can host a yeast infection 

Many people at the Rage 
Would ask Jennifer her age. 
But she wouldn't tell 
Said 'Go to hell!" 
Now she will be reborn 
when her old penis is shorn 
Her life brand new, maybe 
like a just born baby. 

Jennifer trades in her gaff 
For the ability to laugh 
when people want to sneak a peek 
at the area where she takes a leak. 
All her parts nicely tucked in, 
soon Jenny can be simply fucked in. 

Her life has been varied, rich & deep 
Two wives, five kids, maybe a sheep 
She explored while both hard and long 
followed the little head in her dong. 
But yea, that is going, leaving a slot, 
Now Jennifer will explore with a twat 

Who knows what she may see 
When Jennifer must squat to pee? 
Will she live a life of success & fun? 
Feel the freedom, jump & run? 
We hope for this, oh yes we do 
'Cause she's our sister, that is true. 

Biber beckons with his surgeon's skilly 
making a box out of Jennifer's willy 
He gives your body a new design, 
but in your head you must find 
joy is in your heart and soul, 
not in a surgically created hole. 

We trust that Jennifer will find peace 
when she has a brand new crease 
Her life will be both fresh and full 
Lo, she's a cow, no more a bull. 
Go have fun, follow your bliss 
maybe even steal a kiss 
the world is open, all for you 
life starts over, rare and true. 

Jennifer's dick said good bye today. 
Tucked inside so she can play 
Jennifer now can move on with her life 
Now not husband, now more house wife 
It is presently time to say 
Good bye dick! good bye -- and hooray!

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